Caminando En Círculos

Pequeñas meditaciones sobre objetos e imágenes encontradas. Sin tema que los una, ni destino al que llegar.

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Huellas de la presencia humana

No hay escapatoria


"She is like all the rest of them. Whether they are seventeen or fortyseven, when they finally come to surrender completely, it’s going to be in words."

Light in August, William Faulkner.

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Un nuevo día



1980s Workplace Computer Precautions

i wish this aesthetic would have become more mainstream and used for everything exactly like how people thought it would

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La auténtica muerte del cine


Eastern Ukraine: Increasingly Costly and Chaotic

De profundis clamavi


It ceased to hurt me, though so slow
I could not see the trouble go -
But only knew by looking back -
That something - had benumbed the Track -

Nor when it altered, I could say,
For it had worn it, every day,
As constant as the Childish frock -
I hung upon the peg, at night.

But not the Grief - that nestled Close
as Needles - ladies softly press
To Cushions Cheeks -
To keep their place -

Nor what consoled it, I could trace -
Except, whereas ‘twas Wilderness -
It’s better - almost Peace -


- Emily Dickinson, 1862

Puentes y riberas

Ocasión, renovación, compromiso

"I’ve come to like the term ‘poetic film.’ Now there are dangers in it. Poetry is a totally different art than film. But it separates what my contemporaries and I do from the Hollywood movie, in a way that doesn’t assume that one is greater than the other. Novelists and poets have existed side by side forever. The Hollywood movies are more like novels, and the kinds of films I make are more like poems."
Stan BrakhageJanuary 14, 1933 – March 9, 2003

If the Roman Empire Reunited
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Extent of German Language in 962 AD